Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cozumel Diving

These are some diving pics of me and my sister in Cozumel. We were in a group of seven including our dive master, Julio. Visibility for both dives was about 100 feet and water temp was around 80deg F.

The first dive was as deep as 100 feet along one of the walls. My guess is that it was the Palancar Wall. This was only my fifth dive, and my first since I got my OW certification two years ago so I was a bit anxious. The current was pretty strong, and we were instructed to stay close to the wall where the current was a lot more forgiving. It was a surreal world floating and seeing nothing but the deep blue abyss. Bottom time was 28 minutes.

The second dive was at Paradise Reef at a depth of 40 feet. There was no current and we were a lot more relaxed with this dive. My bottom time was about 53 minutes.

See the complete album here.

Photos are courtesy of our dive master, Julio.
June 17, 2008

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